Due to the incredible natural beauty of Kauai's coastline and mountain regions combined with the temperate year-round climate, Poipu offers a fantastic variety of adventure activities.

Zip Lines - Tunnel Tubing - Mountain Adventures

Zip Lines - Tunnel Tubing - Mountain Adventures

Our one-of-a-kind Kauai activities include tubing down an old sugar plantation irrigation system, through open canals and several tunnels hand-dug circa 1870. Or you can soar through the air on our 7-line zipline course, traversing the side of a mountain down to a lush bamboo grove. Through it all you will learn about our island’s history, culture and natural environment. Come join us and take home memories for a lifetime!
Location: Lihue
Phone: (808) 245-2506
Toll Free: 1-888-270-0555
Snorkeling / Diving

Snorkeling / Diving

For an entirely different perspective of Kauai’s South Shore, dip below the water’s surface on a scuba or snorkel adventure. Hawaii’s underwater world is just as fascinating as the land above. Explore unique reef formations, underwater caves and lava tubes harboring a diverse assortment of marine animals including dolphins, Hawaiian monk seals, green sea turtles, rays and dozens of brightly colored fish species. Read more at
Location: Koloa
Phone: 808-742-7444
Toll Free: 888-744-0888