Kauai to open doors to more tourists

Honolulu Star Advertiser, by Allison Schaefers | 03/04/2021

Koloa Kai Owner & Co-Founder Lisa Stevens Wegner was quoted on the expected reopening of Kauai due to the mayor's request to rejoin the Hawaii Safe Travels Program.

"It has been difficult for us as small-business owners to blindly assess how far and how long to leverage our assets in order to hang on. This is much-needed relief."


Economic recovery for Kauai likely to be slow going

Honolulu Star Advertiser, by Allison Schaefers | 01/04/2021

Koloa Kai Owner & Co-Founder Lisa Stevens Wegner was quoted on the continued devestation to local businesses caused by the "Resort Bubble" trans-pacific traveler policy proposal.

"Things continue to devolve on Kauai, and with the most recent passage of the ‘resort bubble’ shortened quarantine idea, we fear it will not help, and will only embolden the Mayor to continue to keep the island shuttered. Businesses are going under or temporarily closing daily."

Kauai left out as vacation rental recovery improves

Honolulu Star Advertiser, by Allison Schaefers | 12/26/2020

Koloa Kai Owner & Co-Founder Lisa Stevens Wegner was quoted on the impact of the decision by Kauai's mayor to opt-out of the state Safe Travels Program.

"Occupancy had ticked up to 60% for December. We usually run about 85% or 90% in December, but we were headed back to a sustainable level,” Lisa Stevens said. “Then the rug got pulled out from under us. We had to reach out to all our guests and let them know that we couldn’t host them anymore and we didn’t know when we might host them again..."

Vrmb Inner Circle Weekly Digest Discussion

VRMB, by Matt Landau | 11/27/2020

Vrmb Founder Matt Landau discusses Jed's take on the philosophy of focus and highest return activities in a contribution to Vrmb forum post.  See the video link from 4:32-5:55 for Jed's input and Matt's commentary.  

Stays Group Welcomes Koloa Kai

Linked-In, by Vince Perez | 12//2020

Vince Perez of the Stays Group powered by Fetch My Guest welcomes Koloa Kai from Kauai to the Great Hawaii Stays direct booking distribution network.


Prominent Property Management Software Company, LiveRez, marks Koloa Kai as one to "keep an eye on..."

LiveRez, by Ryan Norton | 11/2020

Koloa Kai General Manager & Co-Founder Jed Stevens mentioned at LiveRez partner conference as an up-and-coming property manager with lots of great things on the horizon...

Koloa Kai earns Kauai's first accreditation for home watch with National Home Watch Association

Linked-In, by Jack Luber | 06/09/2020

Koloa Kai Vacation Rentals & Home Watch has earned accreditation with the National Home Watch Association - which is believed to be the first such accrediation to any company on Kauai.  Founder of NHWA, Jack Luber gives background on Koloa Kai and its principal members in a press release...